Polska Izba Biegłych Rewidentów

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About us

We are a professional self-government uniting all Statutory Auditors in Poland. Our mission is to ensure the reliability of financial information and the security of business transactions. Members of our self-government carry out the mission by providing auditing and advisory services of the highest quality. Therefore, in everyday work, the auditors are guided by high standards and principles of professional ethics such as integrity, objectivity, respect for the confidentiality of information and professional conduct of the auditor. An additional guarantee of quality is the supervision over the audit profession exercised by the self-government and continuing improvement of professional qualifications by members of our profession

Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors – PIBR (National Chamber of Statutory Auditors – KIBR until 20 June 2017) has existed since 1992 and is a member of the international professional organization IFAC.

At present, PIBR operates under the 2017 Act on Statutory Auditors, Audit Firms and Public Oversight. The public supervision over the activities of the self-government is exercised by the Polish Audit Oversight Agency (PANA) appointed by the Ministry of Finance.

PIBR has legal personality and our registered office is in Warsaw. In addition, there are 26 Regional Branches of the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors.

The PIBR constituent bodies are:
  • National Assembly of Statutory Auditors,
  • National Council of Statutory Auditors,
  • National Internal Audit Committee,
  • National Disciplinary Court,
  • National Disciplinary Prosecutor.